Rent a Car Guide in Adana

General Car Rental Guide

Since we do not have the experience of renting a lot of cars, we can get unpleasant unpleasant things. We want to give you some clues in this regard as these incidents are events that will deplete you personally and materially. Pay attention to the fact that Rent A Car companies' travel agency business document is TOKKDER member, domestic vehicles maximum 3 and foreign vehicles maximum 5 years old.

Things to be Considered When Renting a Vehicle

- Before hiring a car, you should definitely pay attention to age and kilometer, less than 3 years old and less than 150,000 km.

- It is very important for you to choose new and less used vehicles, to be safe and to avoid problems.

- Before renting the car, look carefully all around and ask if any flaws are indicated in the contract. If you try to translate something round with round answers, be sure to give up on that vehicle because you will be responsible for those flaws in translation.

- Be sure to check the fuel condition of your car and print it to the contract. If you have taken the car's fuel at what level you need to leave it at that level. If you bring it incomplete, they will collect it from you, but if you take it too far, it will go from your pocket.

- Rent your car with "Car Rental Contract". Absolutely and certainly do not sign the Exchange Act. In case of a possible accident your financial loss will be very high. Please note that the rental fee includes the Car Rental Fee, Insurance and Tax fees. Note that these are also mentioned in the contract and you should look carefully at the contract.

- Ask for information on how to act in case of a possible accident and what documents you should bring.

- Working with large companies, which have a widespread branch and service network in rental car services, can be a bit expensive, although it is certainly the most reliable way. Please check the complaint sites on the internet to see what kind of complaints about the car rental you will rent.

- After renting the vehicle, the person hiring the vehicle from all the penalties other than the documents and the traffic materials to be found in the vehicle is responsible.

- If the car is connected due to driver errors, the elapsed time is added to your rental fee.

- It is very important to deliver the car you rented on time. If you exceed the time you pay full day. Do not neglect to discuss with the company you lease in an emergency, usually 1-2 hours tolerance.

- When submitting your car, please do not forget to close the rental agreement and do not want to pay the bill in case of any problems.

- If you are planning to rent a car at the Holidays, Fees and Summer Holidays, be sure to book in advance and confirm later.

- You can cancel your reservation 24 hours in advance. You may be charged for cancellation after 24 hours.