Rental Conditions

Rental Terms


ARTICLE 1 : General Conditions


A-  The conditions of car rental is explained widely by following steps in terms of contract. Customers sign the contract and they will be responsible for turning in belongings such as 5 tire with spare, toolboxes , corresponding certificate (traffic registration , maps) and all of the accessories. By signing the contract , customers accept  taking belongings without damage.


B- Customers  accept contract in which  they can not drive in case of following numbers.


1- Carrying stuff which is not legal for the customs law , Republic of Turkey law and other laws.

2- Drawing  objects with rented car ( neither stable objects nor moving)  without permission of renter.

3- Racing , speed testing , trying to strength of rented car and  engine sports in areas that closed to traffic or not suitable roads.

4- Carrying stuff and load  over total number of passengers which traffic rules limited.

5- Carrying passengers and property  in exchange for money .


C- Customer should be at least 21 years old while signing contract and should show driving license which has to be at least for 1 year local or international. Without approval of renter, customer registers third person’s driving license , address  and identity card and it is signed. Otherwise all insurance become invalid. Renter can record as revenue  of customer which is explained at 2nd article.


D- Customer is responsible  for park the vehicle locked or closed for the security of vehicle out of city. If vehicle is stolen , renter can demand first 45 days period  from customer.


E- If customers does not return the official documents (registration and  plates)  during returning of vehicle, they must pay for  rent until they bring back. They will be also responsible for price of new ones if documents lost.


F- If rented vehicle is impounded by competent authority ( it doesn’t matter whether driver is guilty or not), customer  will be  responsible for all spending. In this period renter can demand rent charge of passing days.


G- During the rental period, the maintenance is a subject of client’s responsibility (oiling, changing oil..).The Client is responsible to declare the vehicle to be serviced and return the vehicle to the Company in such cases ,the vehicle is serviced by the company. The client accepts to pay the charges for the damages occurring from bad use freeze or accidents such as spares, tires, fixing costs and return costs of the vehicle to its origin. For any fixing needs of the vehicle, with a written approval of the company, the Client will declare its invoices and charge the money back from the company.


H- Gasoline costs belongs to the customers.

I- The Client has no right to accuse the Company of any of his missing goods nor the goods damaged during the rental period.

J- Renting a car daily is for 24 hours, weekly and monthly rentings are for 7 and  30 days.

K- The company may terminate or may not extend the rental period without any compensation.

L- Unless  having an agreement between two parties, any change and addition will be invalid.          

M- The Client will supply any effort against third party claims or compensation wills, if requested by company, the client will assign his rights to the company, parties pay the costs of such cases compared to their responsibilities.

N- Without renter’s permission, vehicles can not taken to abroad

O- disagreements between two parties will resolve according to Turkish law in Adana court and enforcement offices.





The client undertakes to pay to the company, on demand, a deposit %20 more than the estimated costs in advance payment cases. The final adjustments are made by the end agreement. Form of payment is Turkish Lira. The Client can also pay with currency cash and check which will be calculated according to official rate. Apart from these , credit cards is suitable unless their validity are limited. Customer can extend to time of renting as long as they inform 48 hours ago and add required amount to the rent deposit.




The vehicles which are rented are guaranteed with automobile insurance beside of  '' Compulsory Liability Insurance'' which is stated in Highways Traffic Law. In any accident or damage situation, the customer has to provide the following conditions for benefiting from insurance.


A- The customer who prepares the documents which are prepared by the official security forces (in city traffic policeman, out of city gendarme etc.) includes accident report describing the accident with details, declaratory document and name and address, has to inform the renter within 48 hours.


B- The customer has to report the accident to the renter if there is no injury which is appointed with doctor report. The customer will not interfere to the damaged vehicle in anyway. The renter always keeps the right of the damage demand from the customer. In the case of rubbery of parts of car such as radio, spare wheel, pecuniary loss which occurs is included in insurance and is under responsibility of the customer.


C- The responsibility which is caused by accidents which damage the third person, the pecuniary responsibility which is assigned to the each vehicle in the accident and judicurial responsibility over insurance companies belong to the customer.


D- All insurances are valid in the date which is stated in the rental contract.


E- The customer is directly responsible for the accidents which is led by a driver who uses the drug or alcohol or has no valid driving license and the accidents which is caused by the goods transported and prevent the renter from the case of recourse.


F- The customer is responsible for all damages which the vehicle will get as much as stated in brochure without denial.


G- The renter who is not able to benefit from partly or completely insurance service because of any action and omission has the right of recourse to the customer for the damage which is not replaced and the time when the vehicle does not work.




- The situations in which there is no accident and alcohol reports.

-In the case of that accident is led by a driver which is not included in the contract.

-The situations in which the driver takes alcohol or drug.

-In the accidents which led by breaking traffic rules and over speed limit.

-The situations in which the driver is completely or essentially responsible.

-The accidents and damages happening after the date which stated in the rental contract.

-The bunts and stains on the upholstery of the vehicle

-Split and blow-out of tier